The Museum is, at its heart, a learning institution.  As such, we provide a variety of educational programs and events throughout the year for children and adults alike.  For more information about our educational programs, please contact Joan Yates at

On-Site Tours

The Museum provides living history demonstrations with on-site tours. Demonstrations may be in a variety of areas (depending on availability of staff and volunteers), including seasonal farming chores, drop spindle spinning and wool carding, hearth cooking, use of black powder weapons, and blacksmithing.  Seasonal tours are offered for student groups in November and December. Students sing seasonal songs, enjoy holiday treats of cookies , and make a craft to take home.  In addition, special topics such as Settlers’ Interactions with Native Americans can be incorporated into on-site tours. Hunting, fishing, farming, home life, and recreation of the Native Americans will be discussed. Artifacts from the collection are displayed and some are available for the students to handle.



The Museum’s educational outreach work has received considerable recognition for its effectiveness in stimulating an interest among children in their heritage.  On-site museum outreach programs for students and adults make use of hands-on, interactive teaching methods with living history interpretation and artifacts and objects from the Museum’s collections.  These techniques have been proven capable of stimulating the interest of children in mathematics, sciences, carpentry and other skills, language arts, home economics, and even business economics.


Youth Interns

Each fall and spring, the Museum organizes a group of Youth Interns (approximately 25 each semester). After school on selected dates, they work with staff and volunteers to learn how to carry on “living history” programs. In some cases, public school credit is offered at the discretion of the schools.  While the Youth Intern Program classes are after school hours, many of the participants are home schooled. The parents of home schooled students, in particular, find the Museum’s programs of special value. A number of the volunteers who take part in our re-enactments and historical events are “graduates” of the Youth Intern program.

After School Classes

After school classes are offered in four-week sessions each spring (March).  These fun, interactive classes are geared towards elementary-aged youth, ages 6 & up (with some exceptions).  Each week, students complete a seasonal project to take home and enjoy.

For more information about after school classes, please call 276.988.6755 or